What exactly is Shiatsu?




Literally taken Shiatsu means finger pressure (Jp. shi = finger, Jp. atsu = pressure). It is a holistic method, which is individually tailoured to the client's needs. Its Origin lies in Traditional Japanese Medicine (TJM).

Doing shiatsu, I use various techniques such as stretching, holding and kneading while applying body weight to different body areas along the meridians - the energy highways acupuncture also works with. In contrast to acupuncture, I don't use needles, but e.g. my hands and thumbs in order to harmonise the meridian system. Shiatsu is performed through light and comfortable clothing.

The aim is, to help the client to maintain her/his inner balance, which can be challenging in our fast-moving time - often this so-called homeostasis gets disturbed. In this situation, shiatsu provides us with a great number of means to support and regulate our energetic system - relaxation and stress relief. Shiatsu encourages health promotion, sharpens our physical awareness and involves breathing techniques.

Working with children, shiatsu smoothly and gently promotes emotional, sensory as well as body awareness and development appropriate to the child's individual needs. It has a regulating effect on digestion and has positive effects on the relation between parent and child and e.g., furthermore, the ability to concentrate.

For me personally, shiatsu means profound, deep touch!

Shiatsu is practiced through light and comfortable clothing. Among the techniques stated above, shiatsu involves various means of examination plus a great variety of possible kinds of treatment - e.g. on the futon (a Japanese mattress), the massage chair, and - in addition - guided exercises (sometimes to do at home to support and intensify shiatsu), guidelines for a healthier way of life, shiatsu with words as well as tips and practical suggestions for everyday life.

Please, wear light and comfortable clothing and warm socks for the treatment session and bring a big towel

Thanks in advance!

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