What is Shōnishin?

Shōnishin: The Non-invasive Art of Japanese Acupuncture

Even though it is a soothing, de-stressing and non-invasive method, Shōnishin (Jp. shōni – child; Jp. shin –  needle/needling), it is unique and highly effective. This type of treatment was developed in Japan more than 250 years ago. 

In doing Shōnishin, the pencil-like instrument is used on the skin directly in various techniques such as stroking, tapping and vibration. Usually, the client is lying on a futon for the time of treatment. 

As the instrument does not actually pierce the skin as it is done in classical Acupuncture, the method is perfect for treating those afraid of needles.

Regarding my work, I promote a holistic approach taking into account individual motoric, sensory, and emotional abilities, as well as the energetic level of development of my clients, in order to meet their individual needs.