W. S. Pratt, London 

24th November 2015

To me this is Shiatsu:

(Alexander, 1st grade in 2013)


im...gine [one letter is missing - Alexander has just started writing and he doesn't yet know about punctuation]

you are safe and free

you are on a hill

there is fresh air

und you lie down

you are all free

Do you sense the wonderful fe...ling of being free]

Working at a Women's Shelter.


Enjoying with caution,

"I was able to truly relax, particularly as a second practitioner took care of my child!"

For women in women's shelters, touch is often linked to memories of difficulty.

This time is marked by various extreme transitions, (memory) work and approaching a new future. To have space to relax - just to themselves and their children - next to this kind of work, is important and precious.

Since 2011 Susanne Pitruzzella and [...] voluntarily offer Shiatsu sessions at the women's shelter in Groß-Gerau. Every three weeks, women and their children living there are free to "enjoy" this treatment "with caution".

With many women, it is a long way toward convincing and sometimes accompanying them to find enough courage to expose themselves to such a situation.

However, after initial hesitation, they make use of this service again and expect their next appointment with joy.

The shiatsu sessions take place at the women's shelter, which is a safe and protected area and provides the prerequisite to surrender to this kind of a situation. Every woman is accepted completely as she is, with her culture, her clothing and, above all, her wishes, and suiting her preferences. To experience, that their wishes are accepted favourably and appropriately in this situation, supports two elementary kinds of experience:

  • The experience of feeling being taken seriously as a human being and to be able to relax with all caution and to be able to enjoy.
  • Furthermore, the method encourages recognising one's own boundaries as well as voicing them, and, therefore, being respected.

Consequently, shiatsu treatments have been a fixed component for quite a while now for our work with women and children.


Hallo Susanne,

Henry hatte gestern seine U5. Da er seit einer Woche angefangen hat zu krabbeln und auch sonst unglaublich fit ist (laut Kinderarzt hat er die Motorik eines 9 Monate alten Babys) fragte mich der Kinderarzt ob Henry Krankengymnastik oder ähnliches hatte. Ich habe ihm dann erzählt, dass wir den Shiatsu-Kurs gemacht haben. Er meinte das könnte so einiges erklären.

Dachte du freust dich, wenn ich dir schreibe was deine Arbeit und vor allem auch deine Tip‘s (wie ich Henry das zurück drehen vom Bauch auf den Rücken erleichtern kann u.a.) so bewirkt haben.


Viele liebe Grüße

Katrin & Henry



Hi Susanne,

Henry had his U5 [preventive medical check-up5 for babys and infants at the age of 5 to 7 months], yesterday. As he started crawling a week ago and is very fit otherwise (the doctor said his motoric development was that of a 9 month old child), the pediatrician asked me, whether he has had physiotherapy or anything like it. I told him, we had been to a BabyShiatsu course. The doctor said that may explain a lot. I thought, you might like me giving you feedback on the effect of your work and the tipps (how I can make it easier for Henry to turn over from his belly to his back, e.g.)...

Katrin & Henry

(25th of July 2018)]

Working at a Primary School, the Grundschule Bierstadt (3rd grade) in 2016:


Dear Mrs Pitruzzella,

we heartily thank you for the "Samurai-Shiatsu"-Projekt, you have implemented with so much enthusiasm in our class. We are happy to know a great variety of exercises, now, to enhance our ability to concentrate or to simply relax sometimes. In the meantime, "Samurai pricks up ears" has had us attuned to several class tests. With joy, we have folded the "Samurai helmet" or learned Japanese characters from you.

We have been looking forward to the "Shiatsu Wednesdays" especially!

Arigato, [Jap. Thank you!]]