About me...

Curriculum Vitae

I am Susanne Pitruzzella - shiatsu practitioner, shiatsu teacher, shōnishin acupuncturist, as well as Reiki Master.

After taking my high school graduation, I went to England as an Au-pair for one year. Afterwards, I studied Anglistics, sociology and Spanish at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz, graduating in 2003. During this period of time, I worked with two communications agencies.

When my sons were born, my interests shifted completely: Henceforth, I concentrated on  strengthening the special needs of children as well as their holistic development. 

In this context, to me shiatsu was so promising and convincing - with regard to its influence in human health in general, as well as child development in particular - that I decided to become a shiatsu practicioner. 

After a three-year apprenticeship at aceki e.V. (education academy, certified by the land Hesse: Alte Dorfgasse 13, 65239 Massenheim) specialising in shiatsu for babies and children, I graduated successfully in spring 2011. Since then, I have been working with clients - great and small - also during special times in life such as pregnancy and the time after birth - my enthusiasm growing steadily.

From 2010, I worked at a nursery ("Evangelischen Kindertagesstätte Bierstadt") conducting aceki•KinderShiatsu® courses working with groups of about eight children. Due to a cut in the nursery's finances, I started working at the "Hebammerei" in Wiesbaden - a midwifery - in parent-child-courses for babies and toddlers as well as pregnant women. Since 2014, I've been working at a physiotherapeutic practice in Massenheim, the therapeuticum rhein-main (Alte Dorfgasse 13, 65239 Massenheim). During this period, I became a certified trainer of the Samurai programme; an effective training programme for children at kindergarten age to school children, up to adults and seniors. It benefits health and encourages age appropriate development, and personal safety and responsibility through touch, movement and awareness training. From 2015 to 2016, I conducted aceki•BabyShiatsu®-courses at the Klinikum Höchst. 

Furthermore, I was offered an apprenticeship as a shiatsu teacher involving courses at Developmental Shiatsu, where I had graduated as a shiatsu practitioner to support the team, at aceki e.V., so that I finally became a shiatsu teacher in 2018.

From April 2017 to November 2019, I've also been working as a supervisor to the participants of the certificate course at the Steinbeishochschule Berlin in the discipline of Shōnishin-Akupunkturist and facilitator to Baby- and child development at aceki e.V.

Since 2019 I am a shōnishin acupuncturist.

In order to develop my skills and knowledge, I have qualified in qi gong, Sotai (gentle form of movement treatment correcting structural imbalances through whole-body movements synchronised with breathing, aiming at balancing the body), Makko Ho exercises as well as meditation. Moreover, I completed a Reiki Master training successfully.

I am about to take a webinar about osteopathic techniques in Shiatsu. Currently, I am intensifiying my knowledge about qigong, and I am taking a course in foot reflexology as well as the Grief Reiki® Healing Program.

I speak German and English.

So, that's me.